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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  December 29, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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sedillo shows us, what he took from her was much more valuable than money. >> i heard him say, i'm going to kill your dog. >> 12 years old pekingese, sweetest thing ever. >> reporter: she asked not to be named. so we won't show her face. this woman was robbed yesterday not only of money but her best friend roxy who she loved most on this earth. >> she's my best friend of the she was always there. >> reporter: she had lost her phone in her car, so she parked to look for it at leavenworth and golden gate when a man approached her. >> he said, give me all your [bleeping] money. >> reporter: she then rifled through her pockets and found only $5 and roxy started barking. >> he said i'm to kill your [bleeping] dog. >> reporter: after a struggle he made good on his promise. >> he grabbed roxy from her collar. i heard her fly through traffic. she threw her into oncoming traffic. >> reporter: rockscy was rushed to the emergency room but it
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was too late. >> they said she was in critical condition. so i had to put her down. >> it was horrendous. >> he hurled the dog into moving traffic. >> reporter: the suspected is described as a black many age 30 to 35. they are also looking for any video evidence from the scene but this woman's heart is broken. >> i can't sleep. i can't close my eyes because the second i do, i see everything in my head again. >> reporter: if anyone has any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who killed roxy, there is a $1,000 reward. reporting from san francisco, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. in walnut creek, a vigil is getting under way at this hour for a young man fatally shot by police earlier this week. elissa harrington is at the vigil, where friends and family are wondering how this could have happened. >> reporter: we're learning for about anthony banta, jr. he is
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22 and worked as a hairdresser in downtown walnut creek. behind me friends and family have gathered for a candlelight vigil outside of selanne amour where he worked for the past two years. friends and family want to know what happened that night and it was early thursday morning that police shot and killed banta after they were called to the diablo point apartments. police say his roommate's girlfriend called 911. she said that banta was attacking her boyfriend. he was armed with a knife and police say that they were forced to shoot. those who were close to banta are confused about the events that led up to the shooting. one of the owners of the salon says he was shy and well liked by clients. >> he was actually dealing with some shyness and we coached him on that and he was -- he broke through on that. but he was very, very tender- hearted. very conscientious of people's feelings. >> reporter: they also want to know why police used deadly force. the involved officers are on paid administrative leave while the district attorney investigations.
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family members are expected to arrive to the vigil and will make a statement this evening. in walnut creek, elissa harrington, cbs 5. thank you. and more information is coming out about the father and son who died in san francisco bay last night. today the marin county coroner released their names. 37-year-old juan rojas of san francisco drowned while trying to save his 9-year-old son juan. the two of them were fishing along the shoreline of bonita cove yesterday afternoon when a wave swept them into the ocean. their bodies were recovered 5:30 last night in the bay. a high school party at hotel intercontinental in san francisco took a turn for the worse late last night after several fights broke out and two people were pepper sprayed. management tried to shut down the party when things got out of hand but called the police. two people were arrested. the 800 hear theiers evacuated the hotel around 11 p.m., the 800 partiers were evacuated. no other injuries. authorities are trying to track down the owners of three
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horses that were hit and killed on a bay area freeway. the horses were spotted on 28near alpine road around 5 a.m. shortly after the horses were hit by two cars one of which overturned. none of drivers was seriously injured. northbound traffic was shut down until around 7 a.m. while animal control pulled the horses off the freeway. a fourth horse was found down the highway unhurt. the clock is ticking as leaders struggle to avoid the "fiscal cliff." the house and senate return to work tomorrow. cbs reporter tara mergener on what senate leaders are doing to come up with a last-minute compromise. >> reporter: house majority leader john boehner and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell were at the capital today hoping to beat the deadline to the looming "fiscal cliff." behind closed doors, senate leaders are cobbling together a pared down agreement that at
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least protects the middle class from tax increases come january 1. the bill won't address the trillions in deficit reduction, sweeping reforms and federal spending, the u.s. tax code, or stop across-the-board spending cuts. in both parties' weekly addresses, it's clear a big sticking point remains. >> it's a balanced plan one that would protect the middle class, cut spending in a responsible way, and ask the wealthiest americans to pay a little more. >> the president's tax hike would only fund the government for eight days. americans deserve to know what is the president proposing we do for the other 357 days of the year. >> reporter: both the house and the senate will be in session tomorrow. the senate is expected to take the lead and vote on the scaled- back bill then send it to the house. as many americans brace for the worst, patience is running out. >> they're playing games with people's lives. and i don't think that's correct. >> reporter: even if congress
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manages to break the gridlock in time, more trouble is just around the corner when the u.s. reaches the debt limit again in a few weeks. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. well, a new state law goes into effect tuesday. it worries people concerned about distracted driving. the law will allow drivers to send text messages as long as they use technology that is fully voice-operated and hands- free. the supporters say the new law is better than having drivers type while they're driving but opponents say hands-free texting still draws attention away from the road. among other laws that will go into effect on new year's day, carbon monoxide detectors must be installed in condominiums and apartments along with smoke detectors. two laws ban businesses and schools from demanding that employees or students share their social media information. breast-feeding will be added to protected conditions that prevent discrimination in
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employment or housing. school officials and coaches must report suspected child sexual abuse. and testing of self-driving cars will be allowed on california roads. here in the bay area, another county is jumping on the plastic bag ban on new year's day. alameda county joins san francisco, san mateo county, san jose and 49 other california cities and counties that don't provide free single use plastic bags at grocery stores. all stores selling packaged food must also charge at least 10 cents for each paper bag. a russian passenger jet breaks apart and catches fire. what authorities say contributed to the deadly crash. >> protestors in the streets to remember a woman who died after being gang-raped. what they are doing to make sure women are better protected. >> and rain has officially cleared out from the bay area. here's a live look over the bay. you can see the bay bridge in the distance. temperatures, we are left with cold temperatures overnight tonight dipping below freezing in spots. a look at that plus your seven- day forecast is all coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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crew members on board were killed. the plane broke into fter a russian airliner rolled
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off the runway today broke apart and caught fire. four of the eight crewmembers on board were killed. the plane broke into several pieces shortly after crashing into a runway barrier. officials say the plane was on its way back to moscow from the czech republic without passengers, only crew. it was snowing lightly at the time of the crash. but it's not known yet if weather was a factor. thousands of people held candlelight vigils across india today to express their grief over the disof a new delhi gang- raped victim. protestors also marched against the government's failure to ensure women's safety and security. as cbs reporter elizabeth palmer shows us, there is now increased pressure on india's prime minister to get tougher on crimes -- crimes against women. >> reporter: as the body of the 23-year-old student was being readied for the flight back to india, police sealed off parts of the capital new delhi and braced for more angry demonstrations like the ones last week when thousands of indians most of them young and
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curious poured into the streets to protest against the gang- rape of the student who still hasn't been identified. they were also protesting against rape in general, which they say often goes unpunished in india or blames the women victims. to help restore calm, a clearly rattled indian prime minister had to make a statement on national television. >> i assure you that we will make all possible efforts to ensure security and safety of women in this country. >> reporter: widespread public outrage means all eyes are on the police inquiry into the december 16 gang-rape, which occurred when the victim add her -- and her male friend were picked up by six men joyriding on a bus. the indian government anticipating another backlash like this into the victim's death announced today that all six would be tried for murder. former president george
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h.w. bush is out of intensive care. mr. bush, who is 88, was hospitalized with bronchitis last month in houston. he was moved into intensive care december 23 after developing a fever. doctors say his condition is improving and he was moved to a regular hospital room today. they say he is in good spirits. weddings are always a special time for the bride and groom, but wait until you hear where a southern california couple will tie the knot on new year's day. >> and you won't need an umbrella tonight. a low pressure is moving south so grab a jacket. temperatures will get chilly overnight. how cold? we'll let you know coming up.
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a high surf advisory is in effect until 10 o'clock ton. the national w big waves will be crashing along the coast for another few hours. a high surf advisory is in effect until 10:00 tonight. the national weather service says waves are 17 to 22 feet high. anyone taking walks along the beach should be aware of the risk of getting washed into the sea because of the big waves and strong rip currents. fishermen are being advised to avoid fishing from the rocks. elizabeth wenger in tonight for roberta. and yes, i can all right feel that it's getting colder. >> can you? last couple of days have been really chilly outside. you stepped outside at all tonight, you know those temperatures, they're falling and they will continue to fall overnight. freezing or even below in some parts of the bay area. so we'll show you what it looks like outside right now. here's a live look. a few clouds out there overnight but clearing for the most art and that's what's going to give us all those cold temperatures. here's a live look out at the bay bridge. current temperatures out the door now we are seeing a lot of
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low 50s and even a few upper 40s in livermore, 52 right now in santa rosa and only 50 degrees in concord. so yeah, overnight tonight, the north bay, those east bay interior valleys, that's where it's going to get particularly cold, 30 degrees to below freezing in some spots, a little more mild closer to the bay. so oakland, san francisco, shouldn't be too bad. tomorrow kind of similar to today a lot of low 50s. these temperatures are slightly below what we should see for the end of december. maybe about 5 degrees below average. so the satellite and radar shows you what's going on. that area of low pressure continues to move farther south so monterey got hit with some rain showers, but us here in the bay area for the most part we're staying dry. let's time it out with futurecast. throughout the day tomorrow, barrel a cloud in sight. and then monday, afternoon, evening, that's when things start to get a little more unsettled. so we're freezing time there about 9:00 on new year's eve night. if we get any rain at all, it will be very light rain. but again, kind of scattered showers and then it's quickly
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out of here for tuesday throughout the day on new year's day. it actually looks to be a picture-perfect day with plenty of sunshine. your overnight lows, here they are. those cold temperatures fairfield 32 degrees. only 30 in livermore. so it's really the north bay and again those east bay valleys. really going to see those temperatures dip. by tomorrow, low 50s once again for the name of the game. 49 however in livermore. that's as warm as you will get there. 50 degrees in san rafael and 52 degrees in oakland. if you're doing any traveling over the holidays, yosemite is getting hit with some snow but for the most part we are staying dry around northern california. and here's a look at your forecast. over the next several days, we put the chance of rain in the forecast for new year's eve night. i know a lot of people likely have nighttime plans. if we get anything at all, it's not going to be much. then by tuesday, once again drying out. then wednesday night into thursday, that's when we have another chance of scattered showers. >> so chances we're talking about, not talking about a deluge. >> not a huge rainout, no. but we thought bee would put it
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in there just to let you know. >> all righty, thank you much. appreciate it. gary gelfand in and lots of bo games. >> no usc highlights, not yet. college bowl games right here in our bone backyard, highlights from the kraft hunger bowl. number one and two, stanford and uconn. one team couldn't buy a bucket. sports coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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game out on the farm this afternoon..two unbeatens...1 stanford hosted #2 uconn.. e lady huskies h the stage was set for an amazing game out on the farm this an. two unbeatens number 1 stanford hosting number 2 uconn. the lady huskies never won at stanford. off we go at maples. here we go right off the tip. the nice feed low, stanford up 2-0. but that turned out to be the only lead of the game. just a really tough day for the lady cardinal all around. they couldn't find the bucket only 13 points in the first half. and they only shot 19% on the afternoon. amazing. second half abul kay with the steal nice above behind the back but that kind of day she cannot finish it off. she had 18 points but 6 of 22 from the field. uconn was led by lewis as she had a game-high 19 points.
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doing it from everywhere for the huskies. stanford's 82-home game win streak snap and lost 61-35 to uconn. >> for us to win a game here in late december, it's no more than just a big win against a really good team. i didn't get all that excited about us winning 90. i'm not going to get excited about beating someone who won 82 in a row at home. i just like the fact that when we needed to make a three, we made one and when we needed to get a rebounded, we got one. and you know, those are things that i want my players to focus on. >> this is a lot of fuel to the fire. i mean, i think, honestly, we have a rough preseason. i think that connecticut team we played against for 40 minutes was the standard. the great thing is now we've spender the standard. >> all right. men's college basketball. santa clara with a rare visit to coach k and duke. they played well against the top team in the country. foster with the fast break giving the broncos a one-point
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lead. in the second half duke took over. curry with a three ball, steph curry's brother. the feed to curry who bangs in another three. season high 31 for curry. duke wins 92-77. i'm sure there were peanuts and crackerjacks out at the old ballpark today but no baseball for the 11th time at&t park the home of the giants hosting a bowl game. the kraft fight hunger bowl had arizona state going against navy. senator john mccain with the coin toss. first drive asu on the board, play fake as taylor kelly goes to ross. sun devils on the board first. asu all day. already up 34-7 kelly to ross from 50 yards. the bomb hits him in stride almost had to go back a little. arizona state clobbers navy 62- 28. more football and more baseball parks. that's where they play these times of year. so yankee stadium for the pinstripe bowl syracuse and west virginia. syracuse up 19-7 in the second half when tyson goes nuts, 67
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yards. the guy is literally i'm going to say it, sorry, dashing through the snow. >> oh. >> they made me say it. he finished with 215 yards on the ground and a pair of scores. syracuse wins 38-14. the rose bowl is on new year's day stanford and wisconsin in pasadena. the cardinal already in southern california so they did what most people do when they are on vacation in so cal. >> it's great to have you join us here today at the happiest place on earth. >> yes. disneyland. check out some of the place on the matt mata horn. a >> it was great. you know, it was definitely touching. he impressed me. i thought he was going to be a lot smaller than he was on tv.
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but he's kind of big, a nice firm handshake when i shook his hand. that's a nice experience. i had mickey stuff back in my room back home so it was nice to see the real deal. >> who knew mickey was a firm handshake. the warriors got their 20th win of the year last night against the 7ers. wright lost his shoe and then jack picked it up and just chucked it into the stands. get out of here, shoe. warriors host the celtics tonight at 7:30. just throwing it away. tomorrow you can watch the raiders season finale here on cbs 5. pryor against the chargers and immediately following the game it is the fifth quarter. >> we'll tune in. thank you much. all right. the floats in the rose parade on new year's day always spectacular and memorable. this year one will make history. for the first time ever one couple will be married atop the farmers insurance love float. nicole and gerald first met in
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high school ten years ago and she got a crush on him then. but nothing happened. and then they found each other again through online dating. >> i just didn't even think that -- i mean, i know your wedding is supposed to be amazing but this is amazing. [ crying ] >> well, the couple won a contest for their dream wedding. dozens left homeless in san francisco's mission district more than 150 firefighters rushed to try and stop flames burning in several victorian buildings. that story and more tonight at 6:30. and that's it for this edition of eyewitness news at 5:30. see you back here in half hour and then of course at 10:00 and 11:00. until then our news updates are on good night. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,, well, well, well.
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>> tonight, at the bring. senate leaders try to craft a compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff. wyatt andrews is on capitol hill. what happens if there's no deal? john bentley has the fallout at the airport. >> they're putting a bunch of huge and ugly potholes on a road that was supposedly going to get us to economic recovery. >> the northeast gets walloped by another winter storm. and in the west, wet weather rewrites the forecast in california. and meet the burrito boys, ben tracey introduces us to 17 -- seven teams who embody the spirit of the zone. >> they have nothing and we ask for so much, and they ask for so little.


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